What’s it all about?

What’s it all about?2018-10-22T16:01:24+00:00

What Does Marriage Week Look Like?

  • Modern, friendly and encouraging, while retaining traditional principles and values;
  • Could mean discovering through reading a newspaper article how to resolve conflict, or a couple attending an “improve your love-life” workshop;
  • Is a platform for Christian churches, other faith communities, secular agencies, Government initiatives and community schemes to promote their services;
  • Has been building a clear interfaith and ethnically appropriate persona, drawing in key figures from a variety of faith and professional backgrounds;
  • Is born from mainstream Christian figures and organisations, so it will always have a Christian distinctive – while welcoming, accommodating and being much the weaker without the active participation of others;

What is the legal structure?

The intellectual copyright for Marriage Week is held by registered charity Futureway Trust. The project in the UK is operating under the auspices of The Marriage Foundation. Marriage Week International is registered in Geneva as an International Association. However, operationally, Marriage Week International operates under the auspices of The Futureway Trust.

Each nation operates their own autonomous Marriage Week project under informal and formal arrangements with national leaders. Each national project affiliates to Marriage Week International.

Each national leader can be contacted through their web sites; For International development enquiries contact Richard Kane at international@marriage-week.org.uk

Futureway Trust is a registered charity no. 1086147