Marriage provides the best possible foundation for individuals who choose to partner for the long term to play a full and meaningful part in contributing towards a secure society, and that marriage provides the most beneficial environment in which to conceive and raise children.

Marriage is recognised and uniquely valued in all cultures and nations. It involves a private commitment, and a public declaration before witnesses to a relationship which is both permanent, exclusive and voluntarily entered into.

MW encourages as many groups as possible to host an event, or events during the 7-14th February each year designed to celebrate marriage or educate couples.

MW encourages promotional strategies amongst partner groups such as; action groups, church networks, businesses, secular agencies and political bodies who support the same aims and values.

MW is not a forum to propagate a particular political or religious opinion or view, other than that expressed above. However MW recognises that churches and other faith groups in a local context will draw upon a rich religious history to express MW.

Marriage is a lifestyle choice open to all irrespective of race creed or religion which reaches backwards into history, and forwards into the future, to which men and women for generations have participated.